We have a wealth of experienced financial consultants to see you through your darkest periods.Regardless of your loan purposes, we will assist you in getting a loan from us.

Licensed Moneylender in Singapore

Financial help is just a phone call away. As a leading licensed moneylender in Singapore, Bliss Credit is your go-to financial consultant equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help see you through your darkest periods. Our team of consultants are always ready to assist you in securing a loan, regardless of the purpose.

We offer cash loans, personal loans, business loans, payday loans and foreigner loans with low interest rates and flexible monthly repayments. With honesty and integrity at our core, we make sure to deliver a range of stress-free solutions that work best for our clients.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are typically borrowed from a moneylender, bank or credit union to fund one’s personal expenses. They are commonly used for general purposes such as medical emergencies, education, home improvement, vacations and business starting. The loaned amount is paid back, either in full or in installments, on or before an agreed upon date, but with additional interest. At Bliss Credit, we offer personal loans with terms and tenures that best fit your individual needs and financial situation.

Payday Loans

Payday loans, also known as cash advances, are short-term but high-interest loans that are repaid to the moneylender usually after a month or by the next payday. The credit application and approval are almost immediate, with the loaned amount based on the borrower’s income and credit profile. Bliss Credit offers payday loans for times of emergencies when you need additional funds right away. Our interest fees are reasonable, and we make sure that credit loaned is appropriate to our client’s specific circumstance.

Business Loans

Business loans refer to borrowed capital, which will be used to fund a business startup or expansion. There are different types of business loans depending on the specific purpose for which they will be used, including bank term loan, invoice financing, merchant cash advances and bank lines of credit. Licensed moneylender in Singapore, Bliss Credit, provides financial assistance to help you launch and maintain your dream business. We offer a range of business loans at a low interest rate to fund everything you need for your own company.


We do not send flyers, SMSes, emails or WhatsApp to ask for your singpass or any money to be transfer prior to any loan approval. Please call us to verify whenever you receive suspicious advertisements or calls. Thank you.

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