Before applying for a loan from a financial institution, have you investigated other options such as assistance from your family, close friends or the company you currently work for?

Please make sure that you understand the following information before signing a loan agreement or contract.


What should you consider before accepting the offer of a loan?

  • The amount of the loan (the principal)
  • The interest rate you must also pay
  • The way interest is calculated
  • The repayment schedule (time to repay)
  • Any additional fees or charges and when these could apply to you
  • Your monthly income and your existing and foreseeable financial obligations
  • Your ability to repay in full the loan installments on the agreed dates, as well as meeting all your other financial obligations on time.


What must you remember if you borrow money?

  • A loan is a legal and financial commitment.
  • Get all the information you need from the moneylender before signing.
  • The contractual and the effective interest rates are different. Ask the moneylender to state the effective interest rate too.
  • Be sure to understand all the terms and conditions of the loan, including the consequences of late or missing repayment.
  • Find out what the late payment fees are, as well as any other exceptional charges.
  • Consider carefully before making any contractual agreement that allows a moneylender to lodge a caveat on the proceeds of the sale of your property if you default on loan repayments. A caveat prevents you from selling your property without repaying the moneylender in full.
  • By law, moneylenders must fully explain the terms and conditions of a loan to you in language you understand.
  • By law, moneylenders must also fill in the correct amount for the principal and the interest rate.
  • Borrow only what you really need and can repay.
  • Check the Registry of Moneylenders. You can download a list of licensed moneylenders here.


How can I tell whether an advertisement is from a licensed moneylender or an unlicensed moneylender?


Licensed moneylenders are permitted to advertise only through these three channels:

(a) business or consumer directories (in print or online media);

(b) websites belonging to the moneylender; and

(c) advertisements placed within or on the exterior of the moneylender’s business premises.All other channels are prohibited.


If you receive flyers, SMS, emails or other forms of advertisements which are not permitted, these would either be from licensed moneylenders operating in breach of the advertising restrictions, or from unlicensed moneylenders. Hence, you are advised not to respond to such advertisements. Instead, you should report the advertisements by providing us with a proof of the advertisements (for SMS – a screen capture) to the Registry at or to the Police.


If you have any questions regarding the latest licensed moneylender interest rates, do contact Bliss Credit at (65) 6327-1334. You can also choose to fill in an online application form or visit our office and we will do our best to answer all your queries.

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Co.Reg No. 201017475W
Money Lender License 138/2020